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Best Winter Gear For Cool Moms

Updated: Mar 2

Face it, your kids are going to make you go outside to play with them the second it snows. Let me help you avoid freezing with these winter gear recommendations. This blog post provides affordable finds for moms that need winter gear while playing with kids, or running errands.

A woman standing with her hand on her head in a white sports bra and pink leggings.

I've lived in Massachusetts my entire life so I am pretty well versed on the snow. Whether you like it or not, snow isn't something you can avoid in the Northeast. These days I am not outside rolling around in the snow but you know who is? My toddlers. Anytime it snows they run to the door and beg to go out. If these are your kids too, don't worry, I've got you covered. I've got the top five pieces that will keep you warm and looking cool this winter.

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My Favorite Winter Jackets

Lets start with the most obvious, but necessary, your jacket. If you don't have a good jacket you'll definitely be cold. I have a few that I prefer but my absolute favorite is this jacket. It is stylish enough for you to wear it every day but thick enough to keep you warm during your next snow storm. It went absolutely viral for good reason. Compared to other high end winter jackets, this is a steal for the quality and warmth it provides.

green jacket

Snow Bibs

Next, you're probably thinking aren't snow bibs for kids? No... they're not only for kids. If you're going to be standing in more than a few inches of snow, you need something that will actually keep your legs warm. These bibs are my favorite because they come in so many sizes including regular, short and tall length.

snow bibs


Winter boots can be really expensive but as long as they are insulated and waterproof you're good. These boots are some of my favorites because they have 3M insulation which means you aren't going to be freezing your toes off. Plenty of colors available but I prefer the plain black.

snow boots


If I have the chance to match I'm going to take it. I absolutely love these hats because you can match with several of your kids. Are they waterproof? No. But the jackets you'll be wearing will have hoods anyways so these will keep your ears warm which is all you really need.

snow hats


Last, you absolutely cannot forget gloves. Your hands will thank you for investing in a good pair of insulated waterproof gloves. I have had cheaper pairs and I always go back to these Carhartt gloves to get the job done. They may not be the prettiest, but they are the warmest!

black gloves

woman shoveling

If you are more of a show and tell type of person, you can see me try and and show some of these products here on Amazon Live.

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