Not an accident, not on purpose...

One year ago this week, we conceived our boys. July 16-19, 2018. If you know me, you aren't surprised that I know the exact date. I am the type of person that always has a plan, and when I don't have a plan, I figure it out... I'm an INTJ! (If you don't know what an INTJ is, don't worry, I'll get you up to speed later.) I always wanted to be a mom, I never pictured a life without children. My husband, Brian, was the same way. So there was never a question of if we wanted children, but rather when and how many.


To give a little context, Brian and I were married in June of 2017. We bought our house in May 2018 and I completed my Masters of Science in October 2018. My goal was always to wait until we were settled in our house and I was done or nearly done with school before having a baby. With a little luck and magic, that thankfully happened. I had been tracking my periods using an app called Glow (I highly recommend, it's free) upon the advice of my doctor because I was irregular the prior year. Going off birth control (the pill) was an intentional decision but by no means did I think I would actually get pregnant at the time that I did. I still had 3 months left of grad school so I figured by the time I actually got pregnant I would be finished. I was wrong. Conceiving the boys was not an accident, but also not on purpose.

Blue lines

We found out we were pregnant one week later. I had been extremely sick and didn't feel like myself but did not immediately think I was pregnant. I took an early test that came back with the faintest blue line, so faint that I did not even believe it was positive. I decided to wait a few more days and then use a regular test. There was no way I was actually pregnant, based on the Glow app, I would have only been four weeks pregnant, three weeks when I took the first test. I hadn't missed a period yet. How could a test detect pregnancy that quickly?


At the time this was all happening we thought we were expecting one baby. When you get

pregnant, you have A baby. It wasn't until 11 weeks that I found out I was expecting TWO! The high levels of HGC in twin pregnancy explains why the test was able to pick it up so quickly. More on that later...

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