Miku Baby Monitor

We have been on the hunt for a new baby monitor for a while now so when Miku reached out to gift us their monitor and write about our experience, I was so excited. We currently have a monitor that has two cameras but no wifi access so the boys are only visible from the handheld monitor screen. Initially I really did not want a wifi monitor but now that the boys are older, it's nice to have a monitor I can see from my phone. We were gifted one Miku monitor (one camera) and continued to use the old monitor for the other boy that way we could compare our experience between the two different systems.

The Miku smart baby monitor is a wifi monitor that tracks your baby’s sleeping and breathing patterns, almost like the Owlet Sock/Cam. This is a huge plus for preemie parents or anyone that is concerned that their baby may be sleeping too deeply. The camera is mounted directly above the baby's crib and provides a birds eye view of your baby. Miku has "military engineers" working on their technology to provide the best views of your child.

My Thoughts

At first glance, I could tell the Miku company is really thorough. They provide all the equipment you need to install the monitor including cord covers and even a screwdriver. The thought process that went into the packaging and its contents was a huge plus for me because it showed me the company really cares about their customers. It was so easy to install and I was able to get it up in about 10 minutes. My previous monitor took me almost an hour to install so the time savings was great. Next I downloaded the app, which was also super easy to set up. We did realize that the camera has to be adjusted manually and can't be moved from the app so we made sure to get a full view of his crib before we tested it with him in it.

We tried the monitor with Oliver and used it for his nap. We LOVED the audio feature including white noise, lullabies and tons of different options. This is huge because the boys have slept with white noise since birth and not having to use a separate machine is so helpful. I also think the picture is really clear considering we keep their room pitch black for naps and bedtime.

I loved that motion was captured and could be viewed back later (or you could turn the notifications on and be alerted to motion live). The monitor also captures when there is no sound and breathing patterns are not right, which gives peace of mind to moms out there. I also loved the two way audio feature so that I could hear the boys but they could also hear me when I wanted to speak to them. The analytics were so helpful because I could see how much sleep he got during his naps and adjust his bedtime accordingly.


Easy to install

Easy to use app

Breathing/motion monitoring

Clear picture and two way audio

Baby proofing items included


Expensive for average family budget

No twin discounts

Can't adjust camera angle from app

We've been using this monitor for three weeks now and I can truly say I am impressed. The price point is high for our family but all of the features including do make it worth it in my opinion. They also have a referral program so twin mama's can defray the cost of the second monitor by referring their friends to purchase Miku Monitors. Click here to save $75 off your Miku monitor. Thank you Miku for allowing us the opportunity to try this amazing monitor!

Disclosure: This monitor was gifted in exchange for honest review and social media promotion. No guarantee of positive review was made.

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