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Honest Review of The Kiinde Pump In The Bag Pumping System

Updated: 4 days ago

I'll be honest... I hate pumping! When I decided early in my pregnancy that I was going to breastfeed my babies, I researched different things to make the breastfeeding journey easier. I kept seeing the challenge of pumping when many women go back to work or start leaving the house for extended periods. I wanted to get ahead of this so I discovered the Kiinde Pumping System.

What's the hype with this pumping system?

Breastmilk bag

So many bloggers described the Kiinde system as a lifesaver. I didn’t fully understand how this could make things easier but figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. The Kiinde system eliminates all of the bottles and other bags used for pumping and is a direct, pump in the bag system that you can pump in, store, freeze and feed from. You do not have the extra washing of pump bottles and feeding bottles and are left with one, disposable bag to use. For us with twins, this was a huge draw to be able to cut down on washing! We figured we would be washing an average of 12 bottles a day (we knew we’d have to supplement with pumped milk and formula for weight gain). Still, before I was able to actually use it I kept thinking, "what's the hype?"

Starter Pack

Kiinde offered me a free Starter pack to try out the product and see if I liked it before committing to the system, I just paid $6 in shipping. This kit is valued at about $50. It came with a bottle that you click the bags into, one bag, a slow flow nipple, two Medela (I indicated my pump type) connectors and two nipple connectors (if you choose to use another nipple with the system). We actually got two of these because my husband ordered one as well. When I used it the first time home from the hospital, I quickly understood why this system saved so much time. The transferring of milk from bottles to bags and then bags to bottles again is cumbersome. It really cuts down on time and made it easier for my husband or mol to feed the babies if I needed to sleep or was away by just clicking bags into the bottle and putting on the nipple. Plus, not having the potential of spilling milk is amazing as well!

Sink with breast pump parts

Bags and extra parts

Once I decided the Kiinde system was for me, I knew I'd have to stock up on bags to build my freezer stash and start pumping at work. I used the 40 free bags coupon that comes in the starter pack... score! Then, I purchased more bags on Amazon and Target with gift cards I got from my baby shower. I love that the Kiinde system is so accessible because I Amazon prime everything. Moving forward, I'll likely be getting a subscription through Kiinde for bags because it saves 10%. I pump 3 to 6x a day, so that is anywhere from 6-12 bags per day used. They are slightly more expensive than the regular ziplock bag types but for our family, that money saved is not worth the additional work! I have also bought more bottles holders (we have two babies!!) and nipples. I got a few different flows to determine which flow is right for which baby. Right now, Oliver is on medium and Jackson is on fast. I did also get the Gift Set from Bed Bath and Beyond with gift cards that has the freezer rack (we use it in our fridge), a warmer, and more nipples, bottles, and bags. Right now we have about 6 nipples, 3 per baby, so that we can keep some exclusively in our diaper bag.

Box of milk bags

Try it out yourself

I highly recommend this system because it has done wonders for me and my pumping journey! I am so excited to share it with all of you. Kiinde generously offered to provide my readers with some free starter packs. If you'd like to try it out, click here. If you have any questions on specific products from Kiinde, please shoot me an email at and I'd love to talk about this system with you. You won’t regret it!


As a Kiinde affiliate, at no cost to you, I receive a commission for qualified purchases.

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