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Considering Buying A Mattress Online - Read This First

Updated: Mar 2

This blog post provides a thorough guide to buying a mattress online and explores my experience with Lull Bed. This post is sponsored by Lull

Woman laying on mattress

Upgrading your house is such an exciting time, but moving can also be exhausting. It’s so important to make sure you’re getting the highest quality sleep so you can wake up energized and refreshed for this new phase of your life. Thankfully, my Lull Mattress gave me the best sleep EVER. Here’s my experience with Lull, and why you need one too.

Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary, right? Well your actual bed is a huge part of that. Sleeping on the perfect mattress that supports your body is so important for your health, happiness, and for making your room your favorite space. For us, our bed was always too hot, too small, and too uncomfortable. After years of sleeping on a queen size mattress, we knew that one of the first things we wanted to get when we found our new home was a king size premium mattress.

Woman standing with Tall box

I was so happy when Lull reached out and offered to gift us a new mattress to try and share our experiences with you! Lull Mattresses are made of 3 layers of the highest quality foam, and are crafted with advanced sleep technology to guarantee the best sleep of your life. I've never gotten a mattress online so I was hesitant at first. I like to see and feel things before I commit. I also have never had a memory foam mattress either. After checking out their website, it was clear to me that Lull is a trusted brand. After reading some of their 38,000+ raving customer reviews and learning about their risk-free 365 night trial, my nerves were eased. One of the big selling points for me was that Lull Mattresses are made with a cooling gel-infused layer in their mattresses that would help combat us getting so hot at night. I figured I would give it a try and see how we liked it. Lull has a 365 night trial with free shipping and returns so it really is low commitment. The cost of the mattresses range from $749-$1249 retail pricing with the King size falling at $1249 which is up to 75% less than traditional mattresses of the same size.

woman laying on bed

When we got the mattress with their no-contact, free delivery, I quickly realized how easy and convenient it was going to be to set up. We carried it upstairs and cut the box open. From there, I cut the plastic open and pulled the bed onto our box spring. You can use your Lull Mattress on a platform bed, adjustable bed, or box spring as we did. Within a minute, the mattress started to expand and you could see it increasing in size. We let it fully expand for 24 hours before we slept on it, but you can definitely sleep on it right away.

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Our Lull Mattress has completely changed the way I sleep. I've been told I am a snorer and my husband says that since getting this mattress I am no longer snoring! Huge bonus. Our Lull Mattress is really comfortable and honestly different than I thought it would be. It is firm, yet soft at the same time as it molds around your body. It’s the perfect mix of comfort and support, and relieves all of your pressure points. Lull’s memory foam promotes proper spine alignment and even motion distribution, which is great for your body and helps to make sure you don’t wake up in the middle of the night if your partner moves. It is very high quality and I know it will last for years. Lull also has a 10 year Limited Warranty so you can be assured they stand behind their products.

I highly recommend Lull Mattress if you are in the market for a new mattress. We love having the space to bring the boys in our bed in the morning and watch cartoons and all hang out together. We’re getting the best sleep of our lives on our Lull, and I know you will too!

If you’d like to upgrade to Lull, save $250 off any mattress with my special discount link. Just click here to start getting your best sleep!

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